About Us 协会概况


Mission Statement

The Chinese American Association of Syosset, New York is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for Chinese and non-Chinese residents of Syosset.

Our mission is to enrich and cross-educate our residents and community about Chinese and American culture which will lead to improved communications and a deeper multi-cultural understanding.

We seek to help all our residents by providing services that will help them to be an active member of our community; to use all the resources of our community and to be able to give back to our community as well.

 All are welcomed!


Co-Presidents:          Lynn Xu Lin: lynnflushing@gmail.com and Tim Lau: lauster@yahoo.com

Co-Vice Presidents:  Carol Cheng: cyeh74@gmail.com and Henry Mo: henrymo2002@gmail.com

 Treasurer:                 Edward Chen: edmchen@yahoo.com

 Secretary:                 Yang Zeng: tangzeng@hotmail.com  and Ying Kok: elainkok_99@yahoo.com

 Public Relations:     Cindy Lin: cindylin0509@yahoo.com and Lisa Chen: lisach_travel@yahoo.com

 Membership:            June Liao: chubbiliao@yahoo.com

Our By-laws CAAS BYLAWS v3




 我们力求为我们所有的居民提供服务,帮助他们成为我们社区的活跃成员; 充分地利用我们社区所有的资源,并能够回馈我们的社区。



 联合主席:         林旭 Lynn Xu Lin: lynnflushing@gmail.com 和 刘家铭 Tim Lau: lauster@yahoo.com

联合副会长:      葉欽慧 Carol Cheng: cyeh74@gmail.com 和 莫恒勇 Henry Mo: henrymo2002@gmail.com

财务:                 陈明山 Edward Chen: edmchen@yahoo.com

秘书:                 曾阳 Yang Zeng: tangzeng@hotmail.com  和  Ying Kok: elainkok_99@yahoo.com

公共关系:          Cindy Lin: cindylin0509@yahoo.com  和  Lisa Chen: lisach_travel@yahoo.com

会员:                 June Liao: chubbiliao@yahoo.com