High School Seniors/ College Freshman Symposium 6/23/2016

On Thursday, June 23rd at Syosset Public Library, CAAS hosted our 2nd annual Student Symposium. Over 40 parents and students came to hear our amazing panel of seniors and alumni speak honestly about important topics such as their time at Syosset High School, teachers, stress, the college application process, college and more.  CAAS wants to thank the students for sharing their thoughts and experiences!

Dumplings 101 5/18 & 5/24/2016

On May 18th and 24th, CAAS sponsored a ‘Dumpling 101’ demonstration to members of CCS at Syosset High School. The event took place after school in the Consumer Science lab. The students were shown how simple it was to make dough out of flour and water. They were then able to roll out already prepared dough and learned how to make pleats and close up the dumplings. These dumplings were then boiled to be eaten. The making of scallion pancakes was also demonstrated and the students snacked on these as well as pan fried dumplings.

CAAS participates in the Street Fair 9/20/2015

On September 20th, CAAS participated in the Syosset Woodbury Chamber of Commerce Street Fair held on Cold Spring Harbor Road in town. It was a beautiful late summer day and the CAAS tent was set up with the other non-profit organizations. People from Syosset and nearby towns came to enjoy the free music; the pop up slide and fun house; buy fun novelty items and also meet local businesses. It was a wonderful opportunity for CAAS to let people know who we are and see from our display board all the activities we have offered in 2015. There was also 5 raffle baskets filled with fun Asian themed items.

First Annual CAAS BBQ 8/8/2015

Thank you to all the families that came on Saturday, 8/8/15 for our First Annual CAAS BBQ and Table Swap at Syosset-Woodbury Park!  The weather was perfect for the 100+ families and friends that attended.  Everyone had fun!

Some feedback from the BBQ:

再次郑重说 谢谢。还有认识那么多的兄弟姐妹 真的好开心 更感谢昨天的组织者 安排的丰富多采  的各种活动 , 在玩游戏的过程中 自己仿佛又回到了童年。美味健康的食品 吃到撑。还精心为小孩子们准备了各种玩具和书籍。 一切都在不言中。 总之 开心 满足    希望这样的活动多组织几次 让我们有一个家门口的组织。祝福我们自己的组织越办越好。

A sincere thank you to CAAS!  There were so many great people to meet yesterday.  It was really fun with so many different activities! The games the organizers planned reminded us of fun games we played when we were young!  We stuffed ourselves on the delicious and healthy food.  Also CAAS carefully prepared a variety of amazing toys and books for the little ones. All in all, we are happy and grateful to have an organization like CAAS in our neighborhood!

“How to be a good parent” Seminar presented by Prof. Liao Bing 6/20/2015

On June 20th in partnership with the Jericho Chinese Association, CAAS sponsored the “How to be a good parent” workshop with Dr. Liao Bing at the Long Island Glad Tidings Church on Jackson Avenue. This was part 2 of a 3 part workshop that Dr. Liao presents around the country. Part 1 was: “Relationship- The foundation for Communication”. Part 2 is: “Motivation- the core of parenting” and Part 3 will be: “Imperfection- the beauty of life”.

For the June 20th workshop, Dr. Liao spoke about the many components that go toward motivating children to succeed that works while maintaining a healthy relationship between parent and child. After her presentation, Dr. Liao answered questions and also spoke to some parents individually. CAAS looks forward to hosting Part 3 of this lecture series soon in the near future.