Events 活动

CAAS Holiday Party December 2, 2018

IMG_8420 IMG_8421 IMG_8422 IMG_8423 IMG_8425 IMG_8427 IMG_8428 IMG_8429 IMG_8431 IMG_8432 IMG_8433 IMG_8434 IMG_8435 IMG_8436 IMG_8437


















Financial Planning Seminar October 4, 2018







Mid-Autumn Festival Sunday Sept. 23, 2018

CAAS celebrated our Mid-Autumn Festival Potluck on Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018 with lots of delicious food, a variety of moon cakes and great support from our members! Special thanks to our teen and parents volunteers and newest business member Zou Ji for donating the beef huo shao!











Back To School Meeting August 30, 2018  华人协会迎接新学年会员大会

Over 50 parents and students attended our annual meeting.  Parents learned about CAAS and district updates, how to navigate the district website and who to contact for questions.  Then we broke out into high school, middle school and elementary school groups to answer more grade and school specific questions.







June 17, 2018 CAJ-CAAS 1st joint BBQ at Syosset-Woodbury Park.  Over 500 people attended!














June 10, 2018 High School and Alumni Student Panel






May 28, 2018 CAAS marches in the annual Syosset Memorial Day Parade







May 3, 2018 at Syosset Library – Master Zhi Hai explaining feng shui principles in people’s everyday lives. 智海大师解释如何利用风水改善你的生活.

Zhi haiZhi hai explaining feng shui








CAAS members showed CCS students how to make dumplings on Feb. 14 and 28.

dumpling doughboiling dumplingsmaking dumping wraps





CCS members learn to wrap dumplings!

CCS members watch how to wrap dumplings!

dumpling demo








CAAS and CCS congratulate SHS senior, Ayaz Javaid, for winning the 2018 Chinese New Year logo design contest!  Ayaz, an aspiring mechanical engineer major with an eye for art, won a $50 Amazon gift card.  His design was one of four designs that was submitted. Thank you to the other students who participated in this year’s contest!  All the designs were very creative!


CAAS和CCS祝贺十二年级学生Ayaz Javaid在2018中国新年标识设计比赛中获胜!立志学习机械工程专业的Ayaz对艺术也很有感觉,他的作品从四件投标设计中获选,为他赢得了$50 Amazon礼品卡。感谢所有参与此次设计比赛的学生们!他们的作品都很有创意。
CCS CAAS photo with Ayaz Javaid logo winner


CAAS Holiday Party at DJ International Buffet 12/10/17. 塞奥赛特华人协会节日派对

IMG_5812 IMG_5816 IMG_5830 IMG_5826













CAAS members Carol, Cathlee, Polly Karoke queens IMG_5829














Tim singing IMG_5833 Sean Hou signing Karoke queens
















CAAS Health and Safety Workshop 健康与安全知识讲座
Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017 at Syosset Library with Dr. Shirley Xiao, of Elmhurst Hospital Center.

















Mid Autumn Festival at Syosset Library, Oct. 2, 2017 at 7 PM

slide show Mid Autumn Festival attendees Volunteer helping kids Mooncakes

















CAAS Back to School Meeting 华人协会迎接新学年会员大会

Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017 at 7:00 pm  周四,20179月21日,晚上7

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3rd Annual CAAS BBQ  第三届 CAAS烧烤聚会 

Sunday, July 9th 11am – 4pm at Syosset-Woodbury Community Park

IMG_4973 IMG_4979 IMG_4965 IMG_4969 IMG_4971 IMG_4967


Syosset High School Seniors and Alumni Panel June 22, 2017

IMG_4728 IMG_4730






Syosset Memorial Day Parade May 29, 2017


IMG_4482 IMG_4485 IMG_4484



Bilingual Town Hall with District Superintendent, Dr. Rogers March 17, 2017  本学区首届双语互动座谈会, 嘉宾为, Dr. Rogers 赛奥塞特学区总负责人


DSC_0347 DSC_0330 DSC_0353



Year End General Meeting & Holiday Potluck 年底会员大会及聚餐

IMG_3544Our December 18th, 2016 Year End General Meeting and Holiday Potluck at 227 Michael Drive was amazing!  We had about 200 people attend.  Co-President Lynn Lin shared our 2016 CAAS Accomplishments and plans for 2017, the new 2017-2019 CAAS Board was presented and member, Hail Gao and 2 other Walt Whitman elementary school moms updated everyone on the important district-wide Woodbury land sale issue.

 Our new 2017-2019 CAAS Officers are:IMG_3548

Co-Presidents:  Lynn Lin and Tim Lau
Co-Vice Presidents:  Carol Cheng and Henry Mo
Treasurer:  Ed Chen
Secretaries:  Yang Zeng and Ying Kok
Public Relations:  Cindy Lin and Lisa Chen
Membership:  June Liao

Thank you to all of our members and guests who generously donated delicious food, desserts, snacks, drinks and paper goods and utensils for all to share! Thank you to all of our hard-working volunteers and a special Thank You for Mr. Huang for all the beautiful photos of our event.

Happy Holiday to all our members and friends!IMG_3541

20161218日我们在 227 Michael Drive 举办的年底会员大会及聚餐很成功,一共有近200人参加。在会上 ,联合会长林旭女士分享了 CAAS 2016年所举办的各项活动2017年的计划,新一届(20 17-2019)CAAS董事会成员也纷纷亮相,我们的会员 高海利女士及另两位 Walt Whitman 小学的妈妈为大家详细介绍了有关Woodbury 卖地事件的来龙去脉

 2017-2019CAAS 董事会成员如下IMG_3547

联合会长:  林旭、刘家
联合副会长:  Carol Cheng、莫恒勇
:  陈明
:  曾洋、Ying Kok
公关:  Cindy LinLisa Chen
:  廖雪纯

谢谢所有会员朋友们的热情参与,并带来那么多美食与大家分享!也 特别感谢志愿者们的辛勤劳动,尤其是当晚的摄影师黄履端先生为我 们留下那么多精彩瞬间












Newcomers Welcome & Mid Autumn Festival  “迎新会员, 庆祝中秋” 活动

The September 1st CAAS Newcomers’ Welcome and Mid-Autumn Celebration at the Syosset Public Library was a great success. The downstairs meeting room was filled to capacity as new members met new friends and share all different varieties of mooncakes. Children and adult alike enjoyed making paper lanterns with the help of our teen volunteers!

Syosset华人协会在图书馆举行的“迎新会员,庆祝中秋”活动取得圆满成功!9月1日晚上,图书馆的楼下会议厅挤满了新老会员朋友们,大家聚在一起,结识新朋友,会会老朋友,一起品尝不同口味儿的月饼; 在我们的青少年志愿者帮助下,手工制作灯笼的桌前,更是挤满了喜欢纸灯笼的小孩和大人们。

IMG_5136 IMG_5142 IMG_5135 IMG_5131









Back To School Meeting 8/30/16  新学年返校会议 8/30/16

IMG_3103[1] IMG_3101[1] IMG_3104[1]






Presidential Election Information Seminar 竞选美国总统投票知识讲座

August 27, 2016 presented by our Syosset High School students.

IMG_3089 IMG_3082








2nd Annual CAAS BBQ 第二届Syosset华人协会烧烤聚餐

July 10, 2016 at Syosset-Woodbury Park



High School Seniors/ College Freshman Symposium 

On Thursday, June 23rd at Syosset Public Library, CAAS hosted our 2nd annual Student Symposium. Over 40 parents and students came to hear our amazing panel of seniors and alumni speak honestly about important topics such as their time at Syosset High School, teachers, stress, the college application process, college and more.  CAAS wants to thank the students for sharing their thoughts and experiences!


2016 年6月23日星期四,CAAS在塞奥赛特公立图书馆举办了第二届学生座谈会。有超过40位的家长和学生来聆听这场精彩的讲座,毕业生和校友们非常真诚的说了一些在塞奥赛特高中的重要话题,如老师,压力,大学申请过程,大学, 等等。CAAS非常感谢这些学生分享了他们的想法和经验!

IMG_1697 IMG_1698 IMG_1705 IMG_1706 IMG_1700



Memorial Day parade 2016

On Monday, May 30th, CAAS marched again in the Syosset Memorial Day Parade. Though the weather was a little drizzly, those who came had a fun time marching and waving to the crowd. CAAS is proud to be part of the vibrant Syosset community.


 周一, 530日,华人协会再次在赛奥赛特国殇日游行队伍中游行。虽然天气有点阴沉,参加游行的会员们一边走一边向人群招手和挥舞国旗,觉得非常有趣。作为充满活力的赛奥赛特社区的一份子,华人协会感到自豪。

IMG_2511[1] IMG_2512[1] IMG_2513[1]








College Planning Seminar with Michael Binder of Your College Navigator on May 26, 2016 at Syosset Library

IMG_2485 IMG_2486 IMG_2488







Dumplings 101

On May 18th and 24th, CAAS sponsored a ‘Dumpling 101’ demonstration to members of CCS at Syosset High School. The event took place after school in the Consumer Science lab. The students were shown how simple it was to make dough out of flour and water. They were then able to roll out already prepared dough and learned how to make pleats and close up the dumplings. These dumplings were then boiled to be eaten. The making of scallion pancakes was also demonstrated and the students snacked on these as well as pan fried dumplings.




IMG_2413 IMG_2410











College Financial Funding Seminar – October 1st at Syosset Library

Parents have many options to help pay for their children's college education.

Seminar was in English with Mandarin translation help from Michelle.

Al Cali seminar Oct 2015

Parents have many options on how to pay for their children’s college education.








CAAS participates in the Street Fair

On September 20th, CAAS participated in the Syosset Woodbury Chamber of Commerce Street Fair held on Cold Spring Harbor Road in town. It was a beautiful late summer day and the CAAS tent was set up with the other non-profit organizations. People from Syosset and nearby towns came to enjoy the free music; the pop up slide and fun house; buy fun novelty items and also meet local businesses. It was a wonderful opportunity for CAAS to let people know who we are and see from our display board all the activities we have offered in 2015. There was also 5 raffle baskets filled with fun Asian themed items.

 920日,纽约赛奥塞特华人协会参加了赛奥塞特和伍德伯里商会在冷泉港路举行的街道集市。这是一个美丽的夏末的一天,纽约赛奥塞特华人协会的帐篷与其他非营利组织搭置在一起。来自赛奥塞特和附近城镇的人们一边享受免费的音乐,一边欣赏幻灯片和游乐园,一边买有趣的新奇物品,一边和本地的商家互动。这是一个极好的推广纽约赛奥塞特华人协会机会,让大家认识我们,通过参观我们的显示板, 了解我2015所提供的所有活动。我们还特意为此次活动准备了5个充满乐趣的亚洲主题的抽奖篮子

Syosset Street Fair 2015

It was a great day for a Street Fair!

Syosset Street Fair 092015

We had 6 beautiful raffle baskets as prizes.

Syosset Street Fair1 092015

New members signed up and many learned about CAAS!







Thank you to all the families that came on Saturday, 8/8/15 for our First Annual CAAS BBQ and Table Swap at Syosset-Woodbury Park!  The weather was perfect for the 100+ families and friends that attended.  Everyone had fun!

Some feedback from the BBQ:

再次郑重说 谢谢。还有认识那么多的兄弟姐妹 真的好开心 更感谢昨天的组织者 安排的丰富多采  的各种活动 , 在玩游戏的过程中 自己仿佛又回到了童年。美味健康的食品 吃到撑。还精心为小孩子们准备了各种玩具和书籍。 一切都在不言中。 总之 开心 满足    希望这样的活动多组织几次 让我们有一个家门口的组织。祝福我们自己的组织越办越好。

A sincere thank you to CAAS!  There were so many great people to meet yesterday.  It was really fun with so many different activities! The games the organizers planned reminded us of fun games we played when we were young!  We stuffed ourselves on the delicious and healthy food.  Also CAAS carefully prepared a variety of amazing toys and books for the little ones. All in all, we are happy and grateful to have an organization like CAAS in our neighborhood!


Our teen volunteers helped with BBQ registration


We had lots of great food and drinks!


Families also brought or made food for the pot luck BBQ








Thank you to all the families that helped contribute food!


Korean styled pork belly – a perfect BBQ meat!


We had hot dogs, hamburgers and sausages. All BBQ favorites!








Plenty of games and activities for children and adults.


Volleyball and badminton


Musical Ball Pass – loser with the ball has to do a challenge








Games for the kids


The childhood favorite 3-legged race!


Adults and teens also played frisbee








CAAS hosted a successful Student Panel for member parents and students at Plainview-Old Bethpage Library on May 25, 2015.  4 Syosset HS seniors and 4 SHS alumni provided their insights and honest feedback on do’s and don’t of high school, importance of extra-curricular activities, time management, freshman year of college and many more topics.

4 SHS Alumni

4 SHS Alumni

Student Panel 1

4 SHS seniors

Student Panel 2

Over 45 CAAS parents and students attended our Student Panel








“How to be a good parent” Seminar presented by Prof. Liao Bing 

On June 20th in partnership with the Jericho Chinese Association, CAAS sponsored the “How to be a good parent” workshop with Dr. Liao Bing at the Long Island Glad Tidings Church on Jackson Avenue. This was part 2 of a 3 part workshop that Dr. Liao presents around the country. Part 1 was: “Relationship- The foundation for Communication”. Part 2 is: “Motivation- the core of parenting” and Part 3 will be: “Imperfection- the beauty of life”.

For the June 20th workshop, Dr. Liao spoke about the many components that go toward motivating children to succeed that works while maintaining a healthy relationship between parent and child. After her presentation, Dr. Liao answered questions and also spoke to some parents individually. CAAS looks forward to hosting Part 3 of this lecture series soon in the near future.



Liao Bing 1

Prof. Liao presented to over 33 Chinese families at the Long Island Glad Tidings Church

Liao Bing 7

Parents learned to be smarter parents in today’s society.

Liao Bing CAAS and CAJ

Left to Right: Lynn Lin (CAAS co-president), Prof. Liao, Yimei Chui (CAJ Board Member) and Wanda Struhl (CAAS co-president)









CAAS supported our veterans by marching in the annual Syosset Memorial Day Parade!

CAAS 1096

What a perfect day for a parade! Thanks to all of our members who came out to march!

CAAS 1099

Over 25 of our members came out to march in the parade!

CAAS 1095

Our CAAS t-shirts looked great, especially on the kids!








Video of CAAS members marching in parade. – IMG_1068


The Roadmap to College Bilingual Seminar 

On May 2nd and 9th CAAS proudly hosted the first ever bilingual (English and Mandarin) 2- part college planning seminar “The Roadmap to College” at Sitan Tai Chi Martial Arts Center.  Over 55 parents and students attended this information packed free program presented by Michael Binder, Founder and President of Your College Navigator, LLC and translated by CAAS member, Michelle Yu.

Middle and high school parents and students learned about what colleges look for in a student, how colleges make their admissions decisions, how students can determine the best college for them, and what students should be doing now to maximize admissions into those schools.

Feedback from parents and students was all positive.  Middle school mom, Xiaowei Sun said, “Michael’s presentation was great!  He shared tons of success stories on how students can stand out when they apply to college.  He focused on teaching us what we can do and not on selling his services.”  Board member and high school mom, Lisa Chen, said, “My son definitely learned some good advice on what he can do better to prepare for college in the next 2 years.”  SHS student, said, “I just signed up for a free consultation with Michael.  I know he will help me handle the stress of selecting and applying to college next year.  I am so glad I attended this seminar!  Thanks for hosting this!”

If you are interested in learning more about our programs and events, please contact us at  Check out our website regularly for upcoming new events.

 CAAS 分别于2015年5月2日和9 日在思坦太极武术中心举办了两期题为“通向高校之路”讲座,并在此讲座中创新性地同时使用了英语和汉语两个语种。共有55位学生和家长参与了此次讲座,"你自己的大学导航员"公司的创始人兼主席的Binder先生作了报告并向大家展示了众多可应用的免费资源,Michelle Yu进行了现场翻译。 




MB seminar part 1

Over 55 students and parents attended the seminar on both dates. Michael presented and Michelle provided Mandarin translations.

MB Seminar Part 2 photo1

Students and parents learned how to little actions can make a big impact in differentiating students in the college admissions process.

MB Seminar Part 2 photo2

Turn out from middle and high school parents and students was amazing for this seminar!









First General Meeting 4/23/15 photos


Wanda and Lynn welcome everyone to our first meeting.


Lisa introduces herself to new members.


Signing up new members!