“How to be a good parent” Seminar presented by Prof. Liao Bing 6/20/2015

On June 20th in partnership with the Jericho Chinese Association, CAAS sponsored the “How to be a good parent” workshop with Dr. Liao Bing at the Long Island Glad Tidings Church on Jackson Avenue. This was part 2 of a 3 part workshop that Dr. Liao presents around the country. Part 1 was: “Relationship- The foundation for Communication”. Part 2 is: “Motivation- the core of parenting” and Part 3 will be: “Imperfection- the beauty of life”.

For the June 20th workshop, Dr. Liao spoke about the many components that go toward motivating children to succeed that works while maintaining a healthy relationship between parent and child. After her presentation, Dr. Liao answered questions and also spoke to some parents individually. CAAS looks forward to hosting Part 3 of this lecture series soon in the near future.

First Alumni-Student Panel 5/25/2015

CAAS hosted a successful Student Panel for member parents and students at Plainview-Old Bethpage Library on May 25, 2015.  4 Syosset HS seniors and 4 SHS alumni provided their insights and honest feedback on do’s and don’t of high school, importance of extra-curricular activities, time management, freshman year of college and many more topics.

The Roadmap to College Bilingual Seminar 5/2 & 5/9/2015

OnMay 2nd and 9thCAAS proudly hosted the first ever bilingual (English and Mandarin) 2- part college planning seminar “The Roadmap to College” atSitanTai Chi Martial Arts Center.  Over 55 parents and students attended this information packed free program presented by Michael Binder, Founder and President of Your College Navigator, LLC and translated by CAAS member, Michelle Yu.

Middle and high school parents and students learned about what colleges look for in a student, how colleges make their admissions decisions, how students can determine the best college for them, and what students should be doing now to maximize admissions into those schools.

Feedback from parents and students was all positive.  Middle school mom,XiaoweiSun said, “Michael’s presentation was great!  He shared tons of success stories on how students can stand out when they apply to college.  He focused on teaching us what we can do and not on selling his services.”  Board member and high school mom, Lisa Chen, said, “My son definitely learned some good advice on what he can do better to prepare for college in the next 2 years.”  SHS student, said, “I just signed up for a free consultation with Michael.  I know he will help me handle the stress of selecting and applying to college next year.  I am so glad I attended this seminar!  Thanks for hosting this!”

If you are interested in learning more about our programs and events, please contact us atCAASyosset@gmail.com.  Check out our website regularly for upcoming new events.