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Syosset SEPTA is the Special Education Parent Teacher Association that serves Syosset School District’s children with disabilities, as well as their families.  Our meetings and our membership are open to ALL regardless of whether your child is receiving special education services.

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Syosset Elementary School 2015-2016 Frequently Asked Questions

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SHS 2018-2019 FAQ

 The road to college winds through all high school grades.  You plan for your teen to attend college.  But is he/she doing what’s necessary to make that happen?  Teens in all grades can take steps to get ready for college.

In 9th grade your teen should:                                                                                                              HS Road Map

  • Get serious about preparing for college – all grades count on his/her high school transcript.
  • Take the most rigorous courses he/she is capable of and take part in school activities.
  • Begin learning about programs and colleges that interest him/her.
  • Create a resume of his/her activities, sports and leadership roles. Update it each year.

In 10th grade:

  • Pay attention to 11th grade courses when registering for 10th grade classes. Take any needed prerequisites.
  • Browse the websites of colleges that appeal to him/her.
  • Find a productive summer activity, such as a job or volunteer work.

In 11th grade:

  • Take PSAT in October and start preparing for SAT, ACT and SAT Subject tests.
  • Work with the guidance counselor to target colleges to apply to.
  • Visit colleges during school breaks. Take virtual tours online.
  • Begin college application essays.

During the fall of senior year:

  • Last chance to take the SAT or ACT and get scores submitted to colleges by deadlines.
  • Ask teachers to write letters of recommendation.
  • Finish essays and send completed applications by deadlines.