2020 CAAS Scholarship Winners

CAAS is proud to announce that we are awarding scholarships to three well-deserving SHS seniors: Vivian Duan, Jason Lan and Amanda Loo this year! Congratulations to these students and to all the graduating class of 2020! We know this has been a difficult semester for all students and their families, but hopefully we can try to stay safe, healthy and positive and move ahead!

CAAS荣幸地宣布今年获得CAAS奖学金的有三位实至名归的Syosset高中毕业生: Vivian Duan, Jason Lan和Amanda Loo,恭喜他们三位以及所有2020届毕业生们!这学期对于所有的学生和他们的家庭都很不容易,希望我们大家可以保持健康积极的心态继续前行!