How to qualify for college financial aid, even if you think you make too much money! – Seminar 即使你认为收入太高,你小孩还是有资格获取大学助学金! 研讨会

financial aid 101 Thursday, Oct. 1st at 7PM    101日星期四晚上7

(English w/ Chinese translation)(英文讲座,有中文翻译

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Paying for college and graduate school can be a daunting task, especially with the ever-increasing costs of quality education. Alfred Cali, CEO of The College Market will reveal how to beat the high cost of college and navigate the financial aid maze. You will gain valuable information that can make college affordable and help you through the complicated application process.

随着素质教育成本的不断增加,支付大学和研究生院变成了一项艰巨的任务。The College Market 的 首席执行官Alfred Cali将揭示如何减低高校的昂贵费用和给你在财政资助迷宫里做指路人.

This seminar will discuss these valuable college funding secrets:


  • Where to get money 哪里拿到钱
  • How to apply for aid 怎样申请资助
  • How to choose a college that will give you the best deal 如何选择大学,使你得到最理想的交易
  • The opportunities and pitfalls you have to watch out for 你要注意什么是机会和什么是陷阱
  • The difference between tax credits and tax deductions 税收抵免和税收减免的区别
  • Why college financial aid officers can’t help you 为什么高校财务资助办公室人员帮不了
  • Why your accountant is not a good resource  为什么你的会计师不是好的信息来源